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5 in 1 Digital heat press machine

5 in 1 Digital heat press machine 5 in 1 Digital heat press machine

The all in one mug press has been recognized as one of the most popular heat press machine. The press is designed with 4 additional mug heaters, applicable for 6oz to 22oz mugs and even 12oz and 17oz cone shape latte mugs. With the powerful alternatives, you can imprint different mugs as wanted. Thanks to the device, users can make any specific cone-shaped mug or normal straight mug consecutively, simply by replacing different mug heaters. 

When the mug heaters need to be changed, loose the screw, take out the old mug heater, replace it with the targeted mug heater, and finally tighten the screw. The machine offers users a choice to print any attractive images onto mugs. With its digital manipulation and humanized design, this new device has been proven to be a perfect machine for printing mugs.

Tafadhali tupigie simu kwenye namba hapo chini kwa maelezo zaidi.

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