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Apartments zinauzwa Magomeni

Apartments zinauzwa Magomeni Apartments zinauzwa Magomeni Apartments zinauzwa Magomeni

Watumishi Housing Company brings to public servants affordable apartment housing in Magomeni, Kinondoni district. Buyers of these houses will live in accordance to (unit titles act 2008), designed to protect the interests of each buyer.

Watumishi Magomeni Apartments is a housing project that exist in two 15-storey buildings close to Magomeni Police Station. Each of the properties has two-storey underground car parking, the first floors are reserved for office space, stores and various social activities. 

Watumishi Magomeni apartments are of two categories:
  • Two bedroom apartments and ...
  • Three bedroom apartments
Two bedroom apartments have 60 square meters in total and has 2 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, laundry room, veranda and common toilet. The three bedroom apartments are similar but have an additional master bedroom.

Other features:

  • The apartments are located along Morogoro road
  • The apartments are built around schools
  • Shopping malls and car parking are available on site
  • Within a few minutes of Dar Es Salaam city center
Apartment prices:

Please contact us for inquiries. Click on the button labelled "Piga Simu" for our number.

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