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What is Kupatana and why it matters to your business

What is Kupatana and why it matters to your business What is Kupatana and why it matters to your business

In today's digital Tanzania there are many ways to find markets and sell your product or services online. This includes having your own website, social media channels and more. But having your own website or social media, for instance, requires a dedicated effort. You will need to invest in growing awareness of your business, work on SEO, nurture leads and finally close sales.

In this case you may find yourself looking for easy, perhaps free and quick ways to find buyers for your product or service. That is why a platform like Kupatana should be your go to option.

With over five years in operation, Kupatana is the fastest growing free online and mobile web based classifieds platform in Tanzania that offers a flexible and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet. Hundreds of sellers and people finding something to buy use the platform every day. Most products being advertised for sale on the platform include electronics, home appliances, vehicles, real estate and more.

Unlike having your Facebook or Instagram account where you may have a bunch of fans who may not convert into buying customers, people who visit Kupatana website (or its mobile app) know exactly what they are looking for. They are there to buy.

This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your products or services and drive sales to your business without having to invest much of your time and money.

The good news about Kupatana is that it is free, which means everyone can post an advertisement of what they are selling. But if you want to get the most of it, buy a Kupatana Premium Ad for maximum advantage.

How to use the platform 
Using Kupatana.com is as simple as ABC. The first step is to create a user account by visiting the website or download the Kupatana app on Google Play or App Store where you will be required to provide information like your email, mobile number and names. You can choose the type of account whether you are an individual or a company. The rest is for you to take a picture of what you want to sell and upload it on the site. From there you will soon start receiving calls from people who are interested in buying your product.

So, whether you are a big company or an individual trying to sell something —Kupatana is the right choice for you as it will give you buyers at the comfort of your home or your office.

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