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The increasing number of internet users in Tanzania

The increasing number of internet users in Tanzania The increasing number of internet users in Tanzania

Tanzania and the growing digital landscape, what opportunities lay ahead?

The number of internet users in Tanzania has jumped to 26 millions. A recent report revealed. This is an increase of 11.5% compared to 23 million of internet users recorded in the year 2018.


Now 46% of the country is online, which is about half the country's population.


What does these stats mean to online business in the country? These statistics are not just numbers, they are good news to companies, brands and individuals seeking to do more with the internet.


With such a growing digital landscape in Tanzania businesses are looking for ways to find new markets and sell more online.


Today, more than ever, it is possible to sell anything online. Whether you are selling home appliances, smartphones or you are into real estate there are plenty of places at your disposal to get customers in real time.


One good thing the digital world has made possible is that you can still sell products even if you don't have an office down the Kariakoo marketplace or a website of your own. All you need is having the product you want to sell and find a well established online classifieds platform to start selling. Or, you can run paid ads on Facebook or on search engines — choices are many. Thanks to the internet, these things were not possible 20 years ago in Tanzania.


The internet is accelerating business at the pace never imagined before. Even startups are scaling to a global level in a very short time. Most firms selling on Alibaba are younger than firms operating offline. In Tanzania for example, not all vendors selling on platforms like Kupatana have an office. Some of them are campus students or individuals who cannot afford paying for office rent but they want to sell anyway.

So, are you ready to reap the benefits of the growing number of internet users in Tanzania? In case you are still wondering whether to take your business online or not, here is a top secret you need to know; millions of Tanzanians today make their purchase decisions after browsing or reviewing the products online. In other words, your customers expect you to have an online presence of some sort. As a serious business, you need to understand this change in consumer behavior and act accordingly.


Don't wait for customers to come knocking at your store front, meet them at the places they like to hang out. Be it social media, local business listings, mobile apps or through other people's websites —you need to use any chance you can get. Tanzania is digital, so should you.

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