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TZS 18k - Kanga Collection

Kanga Collection Kanga Collection

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Chieko Orimoto
Kanga is a single sheet of cloth which beautifies women’s lives in Tanzania and Kenya. With impressive bright and bold designs, this cloth has been worn since the second half of the 19th century as a garment wrapped around the body, and it may be regarded as a symbol of Swahili culture.  

Even today Kanga (Khanga) is widely used in everyday life and on ceremonial occasions such as weddings and funerals.  The most defining characteristic of Kanga is that it has a Swahili phrase known as “jina” (name) printed in the center.  The phrase acts as a communication tool in various aspects of social life. 

This book introduces the reader to a selection of the finest Kanga in the author’s collection. It also touches on an unknown history between Kanga and Japan. You will find here all the explanation you need about every aspect of the charm of Kanga. This books will be loved by all who are into fashion, art and culture and makes for a beautiful gift. All content is in 3 languages; English, Japanese and Kiswahili.

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