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TZS 12k - Mwana Mdogo Mfalme

Mwana Mdogo Mfalme Mwana Mdogo Mfalme

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery
This is the first translation into Swahili of one of the classics of world literature, Le Petit Prince, first published in 1946 by Editions Gallimard in Paris. Since that time it has been translated into more than 190 languages and sold 80 million copies worldwide, and has been adapted for stage, screen and the opera. 

The author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, drew on his experiences as an aviator in the Sahara desert. The narrator crashes in the Sahara where he meets the Prince and shows him his drawings, opening up the dialogue. The story moves to the little prince’s asteroid/planet, from where he visits other asteroids each of which is inhabited by a foolish adult, and finally Earth. Through the conversations, observations of both humans, animals and the natural world, an extraordinary wisdom is imparted: a man who meets an extraordinary boy and relearns what it means to be a child; and a small boy learns of the wonders and ironies of life during the celestial odyssey. Together with the beautiful original illustrations, the timeless masterpiece opens a door for people of all ages to a new and deep philosophical understanding of life.

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