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TZS 25k - Ukuti Ukuti

Ukuti Ukuti Ukuti Ukuti

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Categories: Children's, Language, Songs & music, Swahili
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Dhow Countries Music Academy Zanzibar
This a collection of 56 Swahili children’s songs with accompanying CD collected throughout Tanzania, but primarily Zanzibar and Bagamoyo. It is a production of the Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar. The songs are a representative selection to illustrate the full range and richness of children’s music in the East Africa region. The editors, from Tanzania and Norway, are musicians and educators, who present this treasure trove of important expressions of a living and dynamic culture ­ both Swahili culture and especially, children’s culture. The book contains beautiful colour illustrations, music notation, lyrics and guidance as to the basic meanings and uses of most of the songs. The text for lyrics and guidance is given in both Swahili with English. The book is sponsored by Norad, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education, The Germany Embassy in Tanzania, and Foreningen Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

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