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Watumishi Housing Company

  • Golden Jubilee Towers
  • Ohio Street
  • City Center
  • Ilala District
  • Dar es Salaam

WHC is a property developer and a licensed fund manager for management of the Watumishi Housing Company-Real Estate Investment Trust (WHC-REIT). WHC-REIT was licensed by the Capital Market and Security Authority (CMSA) in 2015 and became the first fully-fledged REIT to be established in Tanzania and East Africa. 

As a property developer, WHC-REIT is the main implementer of the Tanzania Public Servant Housing Scheme tasked with building of 50,000 housing units in five phases commencing from FY 2014/2015.

Houses shall be sold under mortgage arrangements, hire purchase/rent to own, progressive payments and upfront cash to public servants, private sector employees and other members of pension funds (PSSSF, NSSF and NHIF) across Tanzania and the Diaspora. However, under this scenario, Public servants shall continue to buy houses and shall be given preferential treatment whenever there is a competition.

Watumishi Housing Company