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University Abroad Representative

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Universities Abroad Representative (UAR) is a company fully registered in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Tanzanian Companies Act to deliver career guidance and counseling services to students in Tanzania and also provide a link between universities outside Tanzania and students from Tanzania who wish and desire to go for studies abroad (USA, EUROPE, ASIA and within AFRICA).

UAR is An Education consultant and not a Link, it’s an Organization which will Assist you in getting Passport, Visas and Ticketing.

Most importantly our staff will advise you of what to study and where to study with respect to your own vision or Job Market in and around the World. We will not send you but take you there, Guide and Mentor you throughout your Study period Abroad.

UAR is a home to the well experienced Young Graduates Tanzanians who also studied, travelled and lived Abroad and now Represents the World Class Universities which also Accredited by the Government through TANZANIA COMMISSION FOR UNIVERSITIES (TCU).

We re not a Link who Assist you by searching universities on websites and charging you for that while going through your own risk.

We have Universities Abroad which we represent, we have available Admissions now in different field to different countries like USA,CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK, CHINA, INDIA, NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK and SOUTH AFRICA.