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The WomanPreneur Tube

  • Mavuno House
  • 07 Maktaba Street
  • City Center
  • Ilala District
  • Dar es Salaam

Every woman has a purpose in life and that purpose goes beyond their duties as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend or work but rather their calling destiny in life.

A woman can live a purposeful life once they acknowledge they are worthy of living a life for themselves and not just for others as often women push their desires to the corner in the name of family and responsibilities amongst other things.

We coach and mentor women to discover their talents and turn their passion into effective businesses living a purposeful life as womanpreneurs balancing their life, family, and business successfully.

Are you looking to grow and develop your business? Are you burnt out trying to juggle life, family and business? Work with us and discover how to live a purposeful life, harmonizing the different areas of your life successfully. Book your free discovery call TODAY!!