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Tanzania Tobacco Board

  • Tumbaku Building
  • 375-B Bima Street
  • Kihonda
  • Morogoro District
  • Morogoro

The history of TTB goes back to 1960’s during the then Tanganyika Tobacco Board.  In 1970 the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania established the Tobacco Authority of Tanzania (TAT).  TAT was transformed in 1984 to become Tanzania Tobacco Processing & Marketing Board (TTP&MB).  

In 1993 TTP&MB was restructured into Tanzania Tobacco Board (TTB) following partial privatization of the Tobacco Industry which was culminated in 1997 when TTB commercial activities became hived off in total to the private sector.  The current TTB came into being after enactment of Tobacco Industry Act No. 24 of 2001. According to the Tobacco Industry Act No.24 (2001) and its amendments (2009), TTB has the following specific power for the tobacco sub sector: -

  • To register or license tobacco growers, sellers and processors.
  • To issue licenses to tobacco buyers, sellers and processors.
  • To grant licenses for export or importation of tobacco from or into Tanzania.
  • To appoint inspectors for the inspection of tobacco premises, and any other facility that may be inspected for the better carrying out any of the provisions of the Act.