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Tanzania Coffee Board

  • Railway Street
  • Majengo
  • Moshi Mjini District
  • Kilimanjaro

Tanzania Coffee Board is a government organ established by the Tanzania Coffee Industry Act No. 23 of 2001.  It's main function is to regulate the coffee industry in Tanzania and advise the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania on all  matters related to the growing, processing and marketing of coffee within and outside the country.

The Board envisions to become a leading Regulatory Board in the provision of services in the Coffee Sector in Tanzania and Africa. Our mission is to facilitate an enabling business environment for a sustainable coffee sector. 

Coffee growing regions of Tanzania:
Tanzanian Arabica coffees are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in the Northern areas, under the shade of banana trees, truly an exotic location for this east African coffee, also in Southern Highlands of Mbeya and Ruvuma regions where coffee is both intercropped with bananas and some areas are pure stand. Arabica coffee makes up to 70% of total country production.

Robusta coffee is grown in the western areas along Lake Victoria in Kagera region. This constitutes 30% of the total coffee production in Tanzania.

Cup profile:
Northern coffees tend to be pleasant in aroma, rich in acidity and body, sweet taste with balanced flavours due to mineral nutrients from volcanic soils.

Southern coffees are characteristically medium body and fine acidity with good fruity and floral aromatic taste.

Local consumption:
Internal usage is increasing from 2% of total production in 2003 to 7% this year.