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Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children

  • Block 11, UDOM College of Social Science and Humanity
  • Kikuyu Avenue
  • Ng'ong'ona
  • Dodoma Mjini District
  • Dodoma

The Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children, formerly known as Ministry of Community Development, Women Affairs and Children, was established in November, 1990 with the responsibility to facilitate community development in Tanzania. 

Before its establishment the Ministry was a department within the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development, Cooperatives and Marketing. 

The vision of the ministry is to be the center of excellence in promoting communities and pro-activeness, confidence, commitment and culture of hard working in striving for better livelihood embracing gender equality and children's rights.

Our mission is to promote community development, gender equality, equity and children rights through formulation of policies, strategies and guidelines in collaboration with active stakeholders in the country.