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Mbezi High School

  • Morogoro Road
  • Mbezi Louis
  • Ubungo District
  • Dar es Salaam

Mbezi High School was founded on 27th January, 2003 in partnership with the Government of The United Republic of Tanzania in addressing the educational needs of the country. Previously, provision of education was a responsibility of the Government. However, due to high numbers of students, the government could not adequately cope with the situation. 

As such, the private sector was allowed to establish schools under the supervision of the government so as to maintain standards. The school which is co-educational is providing secondary education. It started as a day school and is expected to add a hostel with a capacity to accommodate 100 girls.

The boarding school environment is an educational necessity, and some even find it a chance to appreciate their home in a deeper way. So much good writing comes from comparison and contrasting things that truly mean something in one's lives. While these pieces don't shine with humor or wit, they do offer a serious view on the importance of seizing every opportunity offered.

Mbezi High School