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Little Wood Nursery and Primary School

  • Mpigi Magoe Road
  • Mbezi Msakuzi
  • Ubungo District
  • Dar es Salaam

Littlewood Nursery & primary school is a private, full day and boarding English medium institution, registered in 2007 by the ministry of education and vocational training and whose registration numbers are: NO. DS.02/07/E.A.087 for Nursery school and NO. DS.02/07/087 for Primary school.

English language is indeed the sole medium of communication throughout the day both in and out the classes.The school was established with two major aims:First providing quality child education based on Tanzania’s syllabus at a relatively low cost, positive character building school while providing utmost care to every child.


The institution comprises of two entities; Nursery school and primary school.It has adequate and enough compound, classes for learning, resting room, domitories, computer room, library, toilets and a spacious playing grounds well enclosed and protected.The Nursery school has three classes i.e. kindergarten, middle class and pre-unit depending on age, time of admission and the pupil’s academic capability to enhance better learning and; The primary school consist of 7 classes i.e. class I - VII.

A new pupil is granted admission ONLY upon successfully passing the interview by attaining more than 55% marks/score of the interview given.